April 29, 2014

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biking family

Our kids are now 18 and almost 20. We are car-lite, rather than car-free, and made changes gradually, from a 2 car family when they were in preschool, to now 4 drivers and one car which is often parked in the garage (our oldest is away at college, car-free, much of the year). One thing we found we had to accept was that our kids couldn't do every single thing, and we also had to be very thoughtful about what was important to us. Although this meant missing some things that felt disappointing at the time, in fact, it became a very helpful way to decide how much was enough. Was it worth another bike trip to do a particular activity? In today's world of over-scheduled children, this helped us slow down a bit. And even when we did decide to use the car for an activity, we were glad it was the closer dance studio or Boy Scout troop or whatever. Thanks for sharing what you have learned!

Ellen Thomas 108 days ago

Biking with kids

How old were your kids when you started biking with them and what did you use to haul them around safely? My wife and I are about to have a baby and will need to be able to find a safe way to get around with our baby as early as possible and safe.

Scott Jenkins 233 days ago

Biking with kids

I started biking with our youngest when he was about 9 months old. We had a trailer system for him, and out daughter we had been hauling since she was about a year but less frequent. Knowing what I know now, while the trailer worked well for us, I would recommend researching cargo bikes. You child will be safely up front and as they grow the space won't get too small for them as quickly as a trailer. As for age, so long as you secure their head from flopping you can start riding with them at any age!

Melissa 233 days ago