April 15, 2013

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Pay-off in spades

"When bicycling, you not only get from A to B, you are getting your daily dose of exercise as a bonus. Indeed, there are lots of other bonuses – casually meeting friends and new people, being outside, experiencing architecture – but all of us need exercise. By using a bicycle, even if the trip takes marginally longer, two (or more) tasks can be accomplished, saving time overall. It’s the ultimate win-win scenario."

I've been cycling for transportation, fitness and touring for the last 22 yrs. Car-free over the last 30 years. In all those years, I've never had a fitness club membership. I've taken only 3 different interest courses for: yoga, pilates and tai chi. Each only 8 wks. long (1 evening per wk.) and probably totalling up to $200.00 CAN and that's within last 22 yrs.!

Why? Because cycling as part of my lifestyle --to work, shopping, etc. I don't need to pay for another fitness activity. True, buying a properly fitted bike, helmet is helpful but it all ends up way cheaper than running a car annually.

If a person bikes an extra even 10 min. longer per trip, several times per week, than they would by car to go shopping or get to work, they don't even need to think about setting aside an extra 30-45 min. per day, outside of the car to exercise / the fitness club. I call that time efficient and cost-effective if you can build it into your schedule.

It feels like an extra effort to dress warmly, get your panniers with right stuff inside..but it's not more different than some women who take time to put on make-up before they leave home. (And there are women who insist on some make-up before anyone outside of home sees them.).

Jean @ http://cyclewriteblog.wordpress.com

Jean more than 1 year ago

saving money - and creating green jobs

And of course the major saving on gasoline and car maintenance! Not to mention the cost of a car, if you are living without one, though many people commuting in such cities will probably already own a car. Yes, bicycles need maintenance too, but it is far cheaper than car maintenance. Gasoline prices have risen a lot from the "cheap gas" days of decades past.

Now all that Windsor needs is a BICYCLE manufacturing plant, and to convert its down-and-out car manufacturing to the production of greener public transport, to maintain and develop its economic base!

lagatta à montréal more than 1 year ago

commuting by bike..another benefit no one thought of!

Here at Freedom 4 Ebikes in Sarasota Florida, we sell ebikes. And many of our customers use them to commute back and forth to work. Most of them have an average of a 25 minute commute by bicycle that would take 20 minutes by car..on a good day. But one of our customers relayed to me another benefit, I had never thought of. When he drove his car, he always stopped at Starbucks for coffee, at 10 bucks a pop at least..now however he gets that extra boost from pedaling the bike and not only saves that money but is pumped when he arrives at work and is soooo stress free..

michael weatherby more than 1 year ago