May 1, 2010

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Not so scary, but is has its moments.

Wonderful imagery to describe the uniqueness of Baja! I did the Baja in Nov 2012 and generally found the roads alright but also ended up with lots of flats and endured some hectic riding. I created an online guide at my blog that may help people out with lots of photos and 2 films

Ira Sutherland more than 1 year ago


Awesome trip. Did it in 2008. It was scary as hell due to small roads. I would advise that this trip is not for the faint of heart. the stretch between Ensenada and La Paz is an enormous ride, mainly through the desert, that takes more than just a little planning to ensure safety. It is well worth it though, just a comment here to advise some planning.

There are many great places to camp, but be weary of travelling alone and know some Spanish, it saved my ass on two occasions! Beaches south of Mulege and Todo Santos are amazing. Surfing on the Pacific is also legendary.

D more than 4 years ago

Traffic does thin but...

I have wanted to do this ride since starting to cycle long distance. However we just got back from checking out the southern portion of the trip by bus and my cycling companion emphatically refuses to consider it further - the traffic is sparse but they are NOT on the lookout for cyclists. Our bus driver was *loco* and it felt as if the bus were up on two wheels for many of those turns. He did not inspire confidence in bus riding or cycling. They have signs urging people on that road to slow down and drive safely every couple kilometers for a reason! I would like to urge the Mexican government to consider a cycle path alongside the highway as part of the current push to develop Baja tourism, this sort of eco-tourism would be very forward thinking of them...

charlotte more than 4 years ago