January 30, 2013

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Great story and a very healthy looking 60 year old! My bike is my health salvation--not to mention my savings plan for retirement!

Patrick more than 1 year ago

Getting back into cycling - with electric bikes

This is an inspiring story, and similar to experiences my wife and I have gone through. One big difference is that for us, with our specific health challenges, electric bikes were a good stepping stone to regular bikes. With varying levels of assistance, they let you ease back into cycling. My wife wrote about doing this after her back surgery on my blog, Average Joe Cyclist. Personally, I have been so inspired by the positive role electric bikes can play that I just published a whole book about how to choose the right one from the wide range of choices available: "Average Joe Cyclist: How to Buy the RIGHT Electric Bike," available on Kindle.

Average Joe Cyclist more than 1 year ago

Blog from a woman who's life was saved by a bike

Here is a great story from someone who restarted cycling at time when It was really needed.

Don more than 1 year ago