July 11, 2011

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Bike shares and helmet laws

Momentum Magazine more than 3 years ago

not just complications

It's not just practical complications that confound publicly shared bicycle systems that require helmet use, it's the fact that many people simply do not want to ride bicycles if there is requirement to wear helmets.

Auckland, Melbourne, and Brisbane have shown this example and Vancouver will soon be added to the list of PBS systems that fall short of their potential

Brad more than 3 years ago


That loan mentioned for Bixi is to allow the Public Bike System to continue promoting Bixi in other cities, it is not for Montreal alone. There's also been sone controversy surrounding the way Bixi was set up in Montreal. Montreal Gazette reporter Andy Ryga has written extensively about Bixi.

Stephanie more than 3 years ago

The quiet bike share company

Great piece! One company you missed in your discussion was SandVault Group Global Solutions. Based in Richmond BC, SandVault actually implemented the first third generation bike share in North America in 2007, and now has systems in Miami Beach (DecoBike), Tulsa, Long Beach NY, Golden BC, and in resorts in Australia. Based on bikes deployed they are actually second only to Bixi in North America.

It's great to see North American innovation and entrepreneurial spirit at work in bike share.

Keith Ippel more than 3 years ago