February 22, 2013

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It's good, but not great.

I'm always happy to see more bike lanes added in Chicago, but I can't help but wonder what's being done to upkeep the lanes. The 18th street path to lakefront is always busy with bikers, and the potholes and incredibly dangerous!

I am happy to be a Chicago biker, potholes or no!

Kasi Allen more than 1 year ago

Chicago => Milwaukee

Hey Cullen,

There's a couple routes up to Milwaukee from Chicago:

1) Bike paths
There's a series of bike paths from Chicago all the way up to about 10 miles south of Milwaukee. You just need to navigate up to the Robert McClory path (, then when you hit Kenosha that'll turn into the Pike Bike trail.

Here's some additional info:

Searching "Chicago to Milwaukee" and choosing the bicycle icon via Google Maps will get you the route too.

I rode this with friends two summers ago up and back and it was a nice route.

2) Follow the lake
I know it sounds simple, but you can follow Sheridan Road all the way up to Wisconsin, then from there just follow the Lake Michigan "Circle Tour" signs.

I rode this last summer by myself and preferred it over the bicycle paths. With that said, I've got a road bike and put in a good amount of miles so if you're hesitant about option #2 just take the paths up.

Good luck!

Jeff Judge more than 1 year ago

Milwaukee to Chicago by bike?

I've always been interested in finding a bike route from Milwaukee to Chicago.

This article makes me MORE curious. I must explore my southern neighbor by bike soon.

Cullen Carter more than 1 year ago