September 1, 2009

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price of salt

I visited the city a few years ago and found the city center to be very walkable and enjoyable. The trolley line is free in a core area and we got around all weekend without taking a taxi. Even our transit to the Airport Sunday morning was incredible. It was free! A free bus in any other city is unheard of. Taxi companies would have had a lawsuit! But when I asked some cyclist hanging out in front of the state liquor store where I could rent a bike they looked dumbfounded. The last bicycle shop in downtown had closed a few years back and was still vacant. So to get to the point. Salt Lake has some of the widest roadways in an American city. I mean these are at least 5 car lanes wide. Something like 90- 110 feet. Wow, as a pedestrian you really have to watch out and time your crossing. But, can a street scheme that has survived since the cities founding see some progress here and devote, right now, one of those precious lanes to bicycles? It doesn't take a prophet to spare a little Salt. What is the price of Salt today?

dominic more than 4 years ago