May 1, 2010

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RE: Slab City? Salvation Mountain?

Here is a link to all you want to know about Salvation Mountain.
Sounds like a great ride!

John Groenhof more than 3 years ago


I loved this park as a place to get away from everything. I was there in the early Spring and conditions were lovely. I didn't bike ride, had gone as a art group, but had a blast. Good to go on the during the week to avoid some weekend warriors. This is the largest desert park in North America, 600K acres.

ron more than 4 years ago

Slab City? Salvation Mountain?

I was hoping at least of a nod to the City or the Mountain? I've ridden some of the area mentioned in this article. Another riding spot that might be considered is riding along the Coachella Canal Road. Also stopping at Bombay Beach and Niland was pretty interesting, as are the steam vents outside of Niland. Oh yeah, there's also a secret natural hot springs around here too.

Allan more than 4 years ago

Anza-Borrego S.P.

Great article. I've camped in Anza-Borrego maybe a dozen times (unfortunately never on a bike) and it is one of the best places on earth to be alone and enjoy the silence. Deadly hot in summer but outstanding in spring and fall. Beautiful desert scenery so close to the busy west coast.

Bill Rockery more than 4 years ago