May 18, 2012

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Thank you for running a correction under the electronic version of the story about the Long Beach Bike-Friendly Business District pilot program. For more information about BFBDs, please visit

April Economides more than 2 years ago

Ask women what they want

I too gave up my car and took up bike commuting -- three years ago when I moved to San Francisco. I did a survey of women to find out what it would take to feel more comfortable bike commuting. The results:

Amy Harcourt more than 2 years ago

getting more women in the movement

Thanks for posting this. We're working in Iowa City to build a core group of community members that are LCI's and willing to teach each month. We're making a conscious effort to get a diverse group of people, and hopefully half of them will be women.

Audrey Wiedemeier more than 2 years ago