July 1, 2010

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Going Fast

I made this last weekend. It seemed like a life-time supply, but it is almost gone. I baked my granola on two baking sheets and found it was browned within 50 minutes. Next time I'm going to experiment with some alternative ingredients.

Christopher Porter more than 4 years ago


Made this last weekend. It's delicious and healthy. You don't realize how much junk (sugar/fat) is in most store-bought granola until you make it yourself. And with this recipe you don't miss it in the slightest. It's really good.

Nathan more than 4 years ago


I've been going through a granola phase lately and so I thought I'd try making my own. This is an excellent, tasty recipe and the granola turned out perfectly. Very heart-healthy too!

Kathryn more than 4 years ago