January 26, 2011

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Nice ...

Now, this is a well written article!

Matt more than 2 years ago

Poet Cyclist


cyrus more than 3 years ago

winter cycling


reading your article i feel like i am there and experiencing the same!!! It is so Impressive! i would love to join you!!!

Damira more than 3 years ago

You can push keys as well as you push pedals!

Great story on the experience of winter riding. Sometimes we forget how much art and beauty there are in our everyday behaviours; thanks for putting up the mirror.

John L more than 3 years ago

winter in Toontown

Robert, you have reached into the soul of all of us who know of what you speak. Write on!

Blaine more than 3 years ago

I want to bike too

It is sooo refreshing to read your story. THanks for writing it.

Rahatjan more than 3 years ago