May 24, 2011

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Flying with your bike economically

I noticed that you all are attempting to get around bike fees as well all are. I have a suggestion for you, a very small company located in Des Moines, IA manufactures a bike case that flies as a checked bag! Only one to do so! I have flown with mine numerous times and sure enough it works. The best part, TSA never messes with my case because it meets the requirement!

Check out

You will not be disappointed with what you find!

Erin Dresden more than 1 year ago

Bike Shipping Option

Airline baggage check in can be expensive and inconvenient. Why haul your heavy bike case to and from the airport? Bypass long check-in lines, skip the wait at baggage claim and have your bike case waiting for you at your destination. Contact High Country Shipping and let us simplify your life.

Trey more than 1 year ago

Expect TSA to open your bike package

in several trips with a folding bike in a large suitcase, TSA has opened and inspected (and repacked, sometime incorrectly) the package most times.

They appear to be looking for those CO2 inflation canisters, which are not airplane legal, even in checked baggage.

Ted more than 2 years ago

Ritchey BreakAway

a better option - full size bike - not bike fees,.may tiake a bit of time to take apart and rebuiold but save the $$$$s

dean sprague more than 2 years ago

Folding bike

yes, i do agree with you ch1, folding bicycles are praticals. we actually make an experiment in Nantes (France) about folding bicycles!

violaine more than 2 years ago

Cats don't explode

The notion that tires need to be deflated lest they explode at altitude is bunk, although baggage-check clerks don't seem to get it. Dogs and cats travel in the same cargo hold area as the baggage; that area is pressurized just like the passenger cabin. Dogs and cats don't explode, or get the bends, and neither will your tires.

Alan M more than 2 years ago

Check this out

Brian, ch1 and Davey, you are very right, train travel is less expensive than taking your bike on a plane. Here are some more tips about how to travel with your bike by train:

Sarah more than 3 years ago

Amtrak for the win!

I agree with Brian. You can't beat a $5 bike charge if you box it yourself. And Amtrak's more fun, anyway, just pack a sandwich or two!

Davey more than 3 years ago

Folding bike

I really recommend a folding bike, if practical. VIA Rail in Canada takes a folding bike as regular luggage if it is in a bag.

ch1 more than 3 years ago

airline alternative

Amtrak is a great alternative to the airlines for cyclists if you have enough time. Last year I traveled via Amtrak from San Francisco to Denver. I took my bicycle with me. I bought one of Amtrak's bike boxes for $20.00. It is significantly larger than a conventional bike box. The great news was the $20.00 covered everything - NO handling or extra baggage fee!

Brian Lehman more than 3 years ago