March 7, 2012

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Over 250 bike shops list their rental bikes on Reserve online with no service fee. Cyclists get an easy way to find and reserve rental bikes - Bike shops get more rentals and a powerful reservation management system.
Ride safe!

George Gill
President & Founder -

George Gill more than 2 years ago

Easily Find Bike-sharing Cities Around the World

The Bike-sharing World Map, , list more than 400 cities all over the world with bike-sharing system. Although some systems have a residency requirement, many are open to tourist. Remember, bike-sharing is economical for quick trips around a town or city and not for long rides or touring. By the way, many systems in China dwarf the Vélib system in Paris.

Russell Meddin more than 2 years ago

SXSW SXCycles - Tern Bicycles and Velolet

Check out how Velolet and Tern Bicycles teamed up to provide a first ever bike share for SXSW. Reservation with and bikes waiting and ready when you arrive.

Dan Cleary more than 2 years ago

Velolet, Orbitz of bike rental

You should take a look at Velolet ( We're a start up but we're adding bike shops daily to our listings. Our site provides a centralized and standardized way of renting bikes through listed shops with qualified mechanics and service people. It works just like booking a hotel reservation or car rental. It's a one stop shop to get your bike rentals.

Oh, and let your own local bike shop know that the entire platform is free to list with us and makes it easy for them, and easy on the Renter.

Thanks --Dan Cleary, CEO and Founder, Velolet

Dan Cleary more than 2 years ago

Rentals & campus bike sharing

There are now clearinghouse websites which list bike rentals across many cities. As a rule, you'll probably get a hybrid bike, and should consider bringing your own lock & helmet.

Most of the campus bike sharing systems you've mentioned are only for university students and staff. Visitors to the university may be able to finagle one, depending on the rules, but as a rule they're not open to the public.

I have a folding bike, but I prefer not to travel with it. I like to travel as light as possible, and so far none of the folders that I've seen have been satisfactory in that regard. Boxing up the bike is a pretty good idea, though.

Payton more than 2 years ago

Bike rental while traveling

I write bicycle tour books. I travel quite a bit. Twenty years ago I used a standard upright bicycle and had to box it when I traveled by train, bus, or plane.

Five years ago I purchased (used, writers do not earn much money) a top of the line folding bicycle (Dahon is a frequent advertiser in "Momentum," as are several other brands (Brompton, Bike Friday). I haven't looked back since then.

When I travel by air plane I do not use the hard case that came with the "foldie. I cut a corrugated cardboard box to the required dimensions, usually 62" all around the box. Load the box with my folding bicycle and add my light, tools, and some other gear (sleeping bag, bike shoes) to come close to but not exceed the airline's weight requirements. I check the bike in a box. I carry my panniers on to the plane and usually they do not fit in the overhead compartments. The Flight Attendant takes the panniers at the plane's door as I am boarding.

On Amtrak, fold & carry on. I bag my bike in the 1000d Cordura nylon soft bag but Amtrak regulations state "true folding bicycles" do not have to be bagged. Bikes are dirty machines and courtesy to not dirty other passengers' luggage or clothing or the train is a matter of civility. On Greyhound and most intercity long distance buses, you only need to bag your bike (folding or standard upright) in a sturdy canvas type bag (Cordura nylon).

Greyhound station agents so rarely see someone with bagged bike they have to call the supervisor to allow you to board the bus with your bike. But there is a huge poster in the Greyhound baggage room stating the rules for carriage of bicycles. And the bike in a bag policy is clearly stated on that poster as well as on the web site. .

Harvey Botzman more than 2 years ago