September 7, 2011

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A bit much

Maybe a bit of overkill here. I ride in Vancouver and on the coldest days I might ride with a wool hat and a neck warmer. The first few kilometers are cold but one warms up fairly quickly. was quite critical of the article.

Tim more than 3 years ago

Winter "gear" for real people

This makes it sound like riding in the winter is too difficult and costly. Honestly, to get started, just wear whatever works. Here in the northwest, winter means darkness and rain, for the most part, and temps in the mid-30s to upper 40s. For my 14-mile roundtrip ride on a dry winter day, I wear:

- My regular jeans
- My regular socks, sometimes they are cotton and sometimes wool but never "insulated", whatever that is
- My regular black loafers
- A long-sleeve wool t-shirt from Ibex (yes, this is kind of gear. But you can sweat in it and you won't smell)
- Button up the front shirt
- A wool sweater
- A windbreaker that is water resistant
- Gloves I bought on sale at Eddie Bauer since I had none

On a rainy day, I add an inexpensive pair of rain pants from J&G, I put my shoes in my bag, and I wear a pair of short rubber boots from Tretorn. Some days I wear a thin lycra and fleece cap under my helmet since its made to fit under the helmet. So, mostly regular clothes with a few adaptations.

Ty more than 3 years ago

a bit of overkill?

Maybe Mr. Loon meant this as a guide for bicycle *touring* in the snow? Seems like overkill for bike commuting.

steven fleming more than 3 years ago

Calgary's Perspective..

Our local cycling .org has quite a few threads in the forum on winter cycing - here is the link -

My advice - 1) Avoid your front brake as much as possible and definitely when turning 2) go slower 3) check the weather, be prepared 4) smile!

Sean Carter more than 3 years ago

little survey results

We did a small informal poll about winter cycling. Results are here:

Jean more than 3 years ago

Bike Winter is a better and more current site

Just saying, that if you're looking for useful tips for winter rider from folks who ride year-round in Midwestern cities, check you It looks as though that site hasn't been updated in quite some time.

Samamtha more than 3 years ago