July 31, 2013

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More "Buffered" than "Protected"

I haven't been in NYC for a long time *sigh*, but this bike lane looks a lot like the lane we have here in Minneapolis on 1st ave north. Problem is it isn't very popular with really anyone (I don't mind it). One thing that I think would help is if we had something physical, besides paint on the ground, that separates the bike lane from parking cars. Cars park in the bike all the time and pedestrians walk in the bike lane all the time. Buffered does not equal separated and not everyone loves bike lanes

Marcus Nielson more than 1 year ago

Buffered Can Build to Protected

Good point, Marcus, there are certainly limitations to paint. A major consideration to make is that in order to create the largest change at a relatively low cost New York and many other cities have focused on paint. While paint isn't permanent, once users are used to the new setup making the case for raised and properly separated infrastructure, and the costs associated with them, will be much easier.

Dunacn Hurd more than 1 year ago

snow plowing

Here in Minneapolis and I'm sure in NYC the ability to plow the bike lane/path is one issue that isn't always considered by bike advocates. Our buffered bike lane is defined more by plastic bollards for a block (I don't know why they are not used on the whole length)- easy to remove when the snow flies. That maybe why, in addition to cost, that they decided to use the arrangement they did. Unfortunately I don't see our buffered bike lanes on 1st ave north becoming protected any time soon- we may have to fight just to keep what we have. Even though Minneapolis is one of the top cities for bike-friendliness, we yet have a *real* cycle track. But thankfully there is serious talk for a few locations of one or more!

Marcus Nielson more than 1 year ago