January 6, 2014

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One has to wonder at how the impact of the promotion of bicycle helmets has hurt the efforts to have the public understand that riding a bike results in better health.

Promoting the use of helmets requires the public to believe riding a bicycle is a risk to health.

You can promote bicycle as beneficial to health or you promote bicycle use as a risk to health but you cannot do both.

Brad 345 days ago


EXACTLY right, Brad -- ONE faulty study twenty years ago, and the American public believes helmets are more effective than seat belts. A piece of styrofoam that protects ONLY above the temples, rated for impacts at a slow jogging speed, make ALL the difference in the world for bicycle safety...ludicrous.

MarkB 344 days ago


Fantasticly put Brad. Great comments on a great article.

Jim Moore 330 days ago

helmets + infrastructure

While I definitely agree that the "helmet police" are annoying and incorrect, I really feel that the god-awful infrastructure for cycling in America is more to blame than helmet culture. The people I know who could easily bike but don't are afraid of cars, not falling over. They're also afraid of the rain (Washington state), the dark, the cold, and that it will take far too long to get places. It's their own ideas that prevent them from trying it out, and yes, mandatory helmets are part of that. But I organize group night bicycle rides and co-workers who have gone years without cycling participate because the fear of being invisible to cars is removed in the group setting. All that said, I rarely wear a helmet in the summer; it feels too good outside to put one on! Cheers!

kristin 316 days ago