March 28, 2012

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I prefer a generator light to a battery-powered one; batteries will always fail at the Most Inconvenient Moment.

Bruce A. Wilson more than 2 years ago

Not too bright

I found that riding on the bike trail at night that some cyclists have lights that are way too bright. It blinds me from seeing where the trial is. Some folks have a flashing bright light on top of one that is on steady. This may also blind motorists and other road users. You can be too conspicuous. Please do not overdo it.

The reason why people in Europe don't dress up like traffic cones is because they have a safe and healthy traffic environment to ride in.

ch1 more than 2 years ago


I concur -- I hardly EVER ride after dark (except for the Dec/Jan time period, no way to avoid), and if the weather is the LEAST bit questionable, my red rear blinkie is flashing madly. (I like the 'frenetic flash' mode). Also, contrary to what many people may think is proper, I will not ride certain roads, as the drivers in my town are NOT bike-friendly. With the number of people who think texting while driving is acceptable, I stand too good a chance of becoming a new hood ornament!

I look at bike-specific headlights, and I am mostly apalled -- $20 buys you a cheap POS light that BARELY works, and a GOOD light costs at least $150! This, however, sparks my creativity.......

I made a 'channeled' base for a small flashlight out of an old stem, and mounted it on my bar. The flashlight sits in the channel, strapped down with a small bungee (one-piece, not hooked). My current flashlight is rated at 144 lumens (QUITE bright!), and cost me $24. The crappy headlight that came with my good taillight has flash modes, as well, which help catch attention, so I grooved the underside of the old stem, as well. TWO lights up front, one flashes, one TORCHES!

If you are not seen, you are roadkill.

Mark Brewster more than 2 years ago