October 16, 2012

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Bike mounted cameras

My gut feeling is that, for the foreseeable future, reverse onus of proof legislation will never be passed jurisdictions such as BC that remain very auto-centric. That being the case, more and more cyclists are now taking advantage of helmet or bike mounted miniature video cameras to create a record of any incidents, but are these really useful? What is the legal status of these recordings, under what circumstances or restrictions would they be considered admissible or relevant?

Simon more than 2 years ago

seems like...

The idea seems like it is a good one, but without any knowledge of how these laws have performed, it's hard to mount an effective opposition to the very real point that one should be presumed innocent first, rather than guilty (and liable)

Brad more than 2 years ago


Does anyone know what the results have been in the countries that adopted reverse onus?
Has the collision rates between bicycles and motor vehicles decreased?

Brad more than 2 years ago