November 15, 2011

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winter riding.

I second the Buff, it fits under you helmet and stops the wind. At the most extreme in NYC, it can get to the single digits with a hefty, high humidity windchill. I will wear two Buffs, one as a neck gaiter that covers my ears and nose, and the other from my eyebrows down over my ears again. And they are dry for the ride home. Also somethings I wear all winter and really appreciate are Smartwool heavy socks and mid weight Icebreaker sweaters, layers of them.
I too find riding in winter life affirming. You generate your own heat, you see and hear differently. And cutting through fresh, untouched snow at night, the world deadened around you, is unforgettable- it even happens in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Biker more than 3 years ago

winter riding

1. Riding in winter is PRIMAL, elemental, life-affirming.
2. My microfiber Buff; for such a flimsy piece of gear, it's an excellent baselayer for the head and face.
3. It's not a hammerfest; 'Old Man Winter' must be respected, and if you do, he'll nudge you along himself....

Mark Brewster more than 3 years ago

Bar Mitts

This year I am determined to ride as much in the winter as I can. Cold hands is one of the things that stopped me last year, but not this year! I just used my Bar Mitts for the first time this morning, and what a difference! No more cold hands! As a matter of fact I used the same heavy gloves I have been using, and they were too much coupled with the Bar Mitts. I will have to wear one of my other pair of gloves that aren't as insulated from now on! Besides good shoe covers this has been the best thing I have done to make my winter commuting much more tolerable.

Gary Palmer more than 3 years ago


My friend knitted me some earmuffs that slip over my helmet straps. They're a discreet integrated solution and work well.

Ears more than 3 years ago

esential winter riding gear

do yourself a favor and go to your local hardware store and buy waterproof gardening gloves. they have ones with wool like linings. the coating of rubber on the gloves are great for blocking the cold, wind and rain/snow. the best part is they cost $9 and not $100 like those high tech name brand gloves.

dont say i never gave you anything.

Arnica Montana more than 3 years ago

My Favorite Winter Riding Item

The best piece of winter riding clothing I have is a balaclava I bought at REI for $20. It's made of thin, stretchy fabric that covers everything on my head but my eyes. I can also adjust it to uncover my nose and/or my nose and mouth. It keeps my face, ears and nose warm and yet it's thin enough to breath through.

Steve Bowman more than 3 years ago