July 9, 2012

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Sorry bike riders' behavior doesn't start a "virtuous circle" with drivers. If it did we'd have seen it already. When a minority group faces deep seeded structural and personal prejudices waving politely doesn't help. Good luck winning over that road-raging driver who just intimidated you with their car with a polite wave or by waiting at a traffic signal. Get people on bikes, redesign our streets, and enforce the laws to protect cyclists (nice sting Utah).

James Bikes Green more than 1 year ago


I was at kits day today and stopped by the ICBC booth. They were there to promote new safety features on cars and were also giving away a bike as a prize. I would like to see a better plan for here considering that this is a neighbourhood that is so close to downtown and is serviced by lots of busses that run often and yet still has a vast amount of cars. Couldn't ICBC some kind of incentive plan to get people to give up their vehicles? The amount of people that drove to a car free event is also staggering. I don't think that the message is getting across to the youth. Lots of students use transit but it seems like when they get working and some money they buy vehicles. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

Leslie Murray more than 2 years ago

Strategies for getting better road sharing

Perhaps this is completely counter-intuitive, but if all the children who were capable of riding safely on the side of the road, actually rode there with their parents, then motorists and pedestrians would be more respectful to cyclists.
For motorists, this might initially be out of fear of hitting a child, but then they'd become accustommed families being there, and perhaps slow down. If enough bicycling families rode on the street drivers would expect us to be there, and limit their speed accordingly.

On the flip side, as a frequent pedestrian myself, I know that I don't appreciate children zig-zaggiing down the sidewalk, especially when they're being chased by their parents, also on bicycles. I think it is reasonable for a parent to take a riding child on the sidewalk, but only if they keep up with them on foot. If a parent can't keep up to their cycling child on foot, then perhaps it's time to start riding with them on quiet streets. A fast riding child on a sidewalk places an unfair burden of care upon pedestrians to watch-out for them.

I admire families who take rules of the road seriously, and who chose to ride as a family unit, for safety, practicality and health.

Terry more than 2 years ago