March 1, 2012

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Price of Gas

Very informative. Thanks. However, the maker left out the mountainous cost of foreign policy efforts, namely the cost of war and subsequent occupation in order to keep the oil flowing to the West. While there are lots of reasons (one could even argue...benefits for those regions) we have been involved in Middle Eastern politics, let's not kid ourselves. Our foreign policy there has been primarily driven by our desire to maintain access to the resource those governments have the good fortune to float over. Death, destruction, blood and, yes, dollars have been spent @ historic levels. Those "costs" too should be added to The Price of Gas.

The Breeze more than 2 years ago

Price of Gas

We went from being car light, 1,500 +/- miles a year to car free. I haven't bought gas in over 9 months.

David more than 2 years ago