January 26, 2011

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thanks for a job well done!

I remember the first time I came across an issue of Momentum - so grateful that there were folks out there who felt so inspired by bicycles and the role they can play in the day-to-day "living" of life... I hope you keep your Momentum in your new roles in cycling advocacy.

Good luck!

mike tyson more than 3 years ago

THanks Amy

A big thanks for this awesome bike Magazine. I'm looking forward to your soon to be released book.

Sjors Liem more than 3 years ago

Thank you

Amy, thank you for all the work you did to build Momentum. I can't wait for the book and the TV series. I'm so excited!

Dana more than 3 years ago

I love Momentum.

So many cycling magazines are oriented towards the sports aspect of cycling. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but without MOMENTUM and URBAN VELO, there would be no organs for the transportational cyclist.

Bruce Alan Wilson more than 3 years ago

onward & upward!

Oh yeah I well remember those early meetings, in some pub somewhere, when we just couldn't figure out how to make it happen - so we decided to just...let it happen. Way to go Amy, it has been and will always be a pleasure to work/play with you - letting go is an act of bravery and faith, and i am sure much mysterious and delicious mischief lies ahead.

Carmen more than 3 years ago

Thanks Amy


I remember the very first meeting ever regarding Momentum, as you and Carmen outlined your ideas for a magazine about biking that broke the mold. Now MOM, as we 'insiders' refer to it, has become an important source for information and an invaluable tool in making cycling for transportation attractive to people outside the 'early adopter' demographic. So many people have a dream, but for whatever reason, never do anything about it. It's been a treat to work with you and the whole Momentum team... and to see this dream become a reality.


Chris Keam more than 4 years ago