October 14, 2011

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Inspirations Per Minute!

Hi Liz! I love it...this is a wonderful documentary you are creating! Unfortunately I have no footage for you (yet) but I am so inspired to bring riding back into my life after watching your trailer. Loosing my sole owned method of transport and road-bike to a car accident back in 2005 I then began relying on cars again. This was hard, because then I REALLY wanted to make all drivers give it up and get on a bike just to understand how to 'share the road'. So that faster, disconnected pace of life has set in at times when walking the stroller just wont get the job done. No wonder I dont have a mommy bike yet...now I know...its going to be a cargo bike. Thank You (and Adam for putting the fb word out). :-)

Erica Wetzel more than 2 years ago