April 10, 2014

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Great spotlight!

Thank you for this wonderful profile of an amazing and inspiring woman. I am awed by her as both a female for her dedication to her career AND as a cyclist! Made my day. Go Veronica!!!

kristin 214 days ago

Great profile

I live in the D.C. region, so I've definitely heard of Veronica Davis and Black Women Bike. But I had no idea that she wanted to become the Secretary of Transportation, much less the fact that it seems like she has the necessary experience and background for that to become a reality. Good luck to her and I hope that she can fulfill her dream.

Shannon 250 days ago

Veronica Davis rocks!

What an inspiration. I would like to share a bike ride with Veronica Davis. She and other level headed progressive women are leading the charge to chane the landscape of cycling... And to remove any stigmas which limit women of color to being accepted on a bicycle. When I see more African American girls and women using a bicycle for basic transportation, I know that I have Veronica (in part) to thank for it.

Leslie Wilson 251 days ago