March 1, 2013

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Depends on city culture & local leaders

Good that Portland is doing their thing, April. Each city has their own culture and waves of leaders.

Where I am now in a prairie city over 1 million people (Calgary), I see a lot more male bike commuters and this is on a bike path area. A major one leading to the downtown area!

It is changing but very slowly. I just ride my bike nearly daily. Even at -25 degrees C which I never did in Vancouver nor Toronto where I lived and cycled also.
Jean @

Jean more than 1 year ago

Menstrual Monday???

Really? You couldn't come up with a better name than Menstrual Monday? 18 years riding and racing in Seattle... I would have hoped for more. No wonder the gender pay gap in Seattle is the biggest in the U.S. You don't even respect yourselves.

Karen more than 1 year ago

Women-only rides in Seattle

In Seattle we have Menstrual Monday:
Critical Lass:
and Heels on Wheels:

Madi Carlson more than 1 year ago

More Women on Wheels, more CycloFemme

Hey, Jean!
The spirit of Women on Wheels is alive and well and living in Portland! We have the Women on Wheels meetup group, with almost 500 members, and we do fun city rides of 10 miles and under. On May 12 there's the national CycloFemme ride and WOW will have a fab 5.1 mile ride to Portland's East Sunday Parkways and a 2 mile parade ride, and cupcakes! Register your own ride May 12 at

April Streeter more than 1 year ago

Womens Biking in NYC is a women powered group based in NYC, to which i am a proud member!

Kristina "The Chubby Cruiser" more than 1 year ago

Other Women Cycling Groups

For 5 years I was one of the organizing committee members in Toronto 1988-1993 for Women on Wheels, a non-racing/non-competitive women's cycling organization that advocated on encouraging women to cycle for transportation, fitness and touring. We had workshops for women on bike maintenance, fit, skills, etc. Also a conference every 2 years. Organized rides once per month in Toronto. I did lead and sweep some rides. Our rides ranged from 30-60 km. Other women on the organizing committee: Jeannie Lee (a policy analyst with Ont. Ministry of Transportation), Shirley Lum (who started up her local walking and biking tour company after W.O.W.), Lianne, Dale... So it was also ethnically diverse group of women. :) Even back then. For conference, it drew up to 200 women from southern Ontario.

We had to fold the organization since we were burnt out and didn't have any new members, new blood at that time to carry W.O.W. onward. I bet there must be water bottles and T-shirts still with our logo on in a closet somewhere.

So for the women cyclists in Toronto, carry on!

See you at:

Jean more than 1 year ago

Cycle the WAVE (WA and MA)

Cycle the WAVE is a women-only noncompetitive ride that raise funds and awareness for domestic violience program.

This year, there will be the Inaugural Ride in MA on Jun 23 and the 6th Annual Ride in WA.

Check out our website:


Anne-Gigi Chan more than 1 year ago

worry that the cupcake rides and wheels on heels put women off

Sam more than 1 year ago


the original Critical Lass ride in Edmonton, Alberta.
Critical Lass in New Haven, CT.
Critical Lass in Sudbury, Ontario.

Deborah Merriam more than 1 year ago

CycloFemme - Global Women's Cycling Day!

On May 12, 2013 We Ride Together! Check out the ride list, join in on an already scheduled ride or create your own!

Sarai more than 1 year ago

And, don't forget...

Chicago Critical Lass. Find us on Facebook.

Holly more than 1 year ago

Additional Ride Suggestions

Thank you LethaColleen. We encourage everyone to share their ladies-only ride suggestions in the comments here. Please include links where available. Ride on everyone!

Momentum Mag more than 1 year ago


Critical Lass in Seattle!!

LethaColleen more than 1 year ago