July 1, 2010

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Growing Up?

I didn't start the family biking until my last child was 2. There were not many choices for good, solid equipment, like trail-a-bikes or kid trailers when my older ones were little. There also was not the level of recognition of the needs of cyclists in San Francisco back then that there is now. SF was in a constant state of battle when it came to bicycles until about 8 or 9 years ago, so it was a lot more difficult to get around with kids than it is now.

I really envy the people I see riding now with very small children or while pregnant!

Never grow up. It sucks.

Adrienne Johnson more than 4 years ago


I always make jokes about having 2 kids on a tandem trail-a-bike behind our tandem bike. People think I'm kidding about not ever buying a car or when I talk about transporting my kids in such and such a fashion at such and such an age. I have a plan! They roll their eyes and says something to then effect of "when you grow up..." (at least that is what I hear).

So thank you for reinforcing the fact that I may grow old but I won't ever have to grow up.

Did you drive when your kids were all younger?

Sylvia more than 4 years ago


I feel great love for the Soccer Moms. Without them, there would be no World Cup : ) After one season of driving my oldest boy to and from practice and games, I was done!
When your crew starts to roll I want to see some pictures!!!!!!

Adrienne Johnson more than 4 years ago

Soccer Mom

Hey Ade' whats wrong with being a soccer mom? lol.. what a great post.. can't wait till my bunch is ready to roll on their own.

Xander more than 4 years ago

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