September 19, 2013

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Best light ever

I own this light in all its variants; Blinky Superflash, Stealth they are all phenomenal but the Superflash Turbo is the best, I don't know why everyone doesn't have one of these lights on every bike they ride. It lends visibilty to your bike at night and during the day. They have been a staple of my riding for years and they just keep going; rain, snow , sleet, slush, etc..

Jack Z more than 1 year ago

Old reliable!

I have fancier lights and more expensive lights but the Superflash and its companion Blaze headlight stay on my commuter bike all year round. I don't have to baby them or remember to recharge them or worry too much about leaving them unattended when I lock my bike up because they slip off in a second and go into my pocket. And the redesigned Blaze is pretty sexy looking!

Best of all, Planet Bike gives 25% back to cycling advocacy, so it's a good feeling to support them!

Susan more than 1 year ago

My light of choice

I purchased the PlanetBIke Superflash turbo last year. It's a great taillight for the price and, when combined with Sanyo Eneloop rechargeables batteries, it makes for the right solution to stay visible at night.

Keith Ippel more than 1 year ago