August 16, 2012

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Affect on clothing?

Does the saddle (size, shape, material) affect how your pants wear out?

Eric more than 2 years ago

saddle width

One thing to keep in mind is that not all women have wide sit bones, nor all men narrow ones - the average width is greater for women than the average for men, but that does not predict, necessarily, what an individual person's measurement will be. Overall body size and skeletal type play into it as well. So don't be afraid to try an "opposite" saddle!

Also keep in mind that the squishier the saddle, the more your sit bones will press into it and the greater risk of chafing. It's counter-intuitive but you *don"t* want a saddle that is super-comfy to sit on. It isn't a bar stool - only about half your weight should be on it, most of the time, since your legs and gluteal muscles are actively involved in your pedaling.

I spend a lot of time conducting mini-interventions at the saddle display... gets me odd looks, I am afraid!

Kim Goddard more than 2 years ago