March 20, 2014

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Proper assembly not included

All these bikes are excellent values for around town bikes, a key part needed to get more people riding bikes for transportation.

HOWEVER, these prices do not include professional assembly, adjustment, or fitting. Unless you can confidently adjust headsets, derailleurs, hubs etc. and know a bit about bike fit basics, consider paying an additional $50-150 at your friendliest local bike shop to get it running smoothly and comfortably. It will be much safer, more comfortable and more fun.

Or test ride similar bikes they have and buy from your local bike shop.

Doncoast 266 days ago

Love my old powdercoated bike. Get yours here

mae 266 days ago

city bikes

Until they make a "city bike" with more gears, I will continue to use my road bike to commute. Some of us live on big hills. I love the way these bikes look, but they are not useful to someone who has a driveway with a 15% grade, on a 10% grade street.

Robyn 266 days ago


Trek and many others offer city bikes with 21+ gears (trek allant for example) including larger (20") step thrus. Also most "fitness hybrids" and "comfort hybrids" with rack and fender mounts make great city bikes. Look for triple cranks with 30teeth or less on the small front chainring, and wide range rear clusters (34 or 36t low gear)

For more affordable cargo hauling bikes, look up yuba bikes, xtracycle

Dontcoast 265 days ago

City bikes

They need to build a larger size step through bike. Many people are tall and step through bikes are not just for women.

Kathleen 270 days ago


Wow, I have found the one other person in the universe that agrees with me. I am a 6'1 man who wants a mixtie or sloped top tube with more then 8 gears. The only one I can find is the $2,000 Rivendell.

jason 262 days ago


The Dutch have realized this and do make larger frame step through bikes such as Workcycles. Still waiting for US makers to catch up.

Kathleen 227 days ago

Step thru frame for tall people

I too am 6-ft tall, with long legs, and would LOVE to have a step-thru frame that fits me. After searching long and hard I've come to realize that my only options are to spend a fortune, have a bike shipped from Holland or pay a bicycle builder to build me a custom bike from scratch.

Other basics like having a chain guard, full fenders that actually keep my feet and back dry, and a generator hub, are also very frustratingly difficult to come by. They do exist, but often require making modifications to the bike. Funny how these items are standard in places like Holland and Germany. US bike manufacturers just don't get it. They continue to cater to recreation cyclists.

Mark James 226 days ago

Re: City Bikes

I purchased a 2013 Kona Roundabout mixte after a year-long hunt for step throughs that were large enough for a 5'10" woman.

rhonda 227 days ago

tall bike step-thru

Exactly! I'm a 6'1 woman and I looked and looked and looked for an affordable step-thru that would fit me. I finally gave in and splurged on my dream bike: a Pashley Sonnet Bliss in a 22.5" frame. It FITS and is glorious, but now I want an "every day" step-thru that I don't mind locking up for several hours unattended.

Sara 227 days ago

Beater Bikes

Don't forget about Toronto - based Beater Bikes in your under-$500 city bike line - up. We've found them to be an excellent value for entry into the city bike line - up 8 our store.

Chris Holt 270 days ago