July 22, 2012

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USing Baguettes with Mundo

Yes, the Yuba Baguette works with both the Mundo and Boda Boda. In fact, the Baguette is the perfect setup for the configuration above. To see a picture, see the "Bambino Buggy" on the Yuba website here:

Steve Bode more than 1 year ago

Baguette really work for the Mundo?

I saw the baguette on line but it looked like it only attaches to Boba Boda specific frames?

Jeffery more than 2 years ago

Alternative bag for the Yuba Mundo

Just thought I should mention, you had the "wish list" for the Yuba Mundo as a bag accessory that works with the kids seat...they make it now, it's called a "Baguette" and is available on Yuba's website along with their new Boda Boda. Although I personally use a go-getter and a kids seat and they work great, no issue for me.
Thanks for the cargo bike reviews!

Lindsay & Jack more than 2 years ago