October 16, 2012

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very racy position

This bike is OK for your height if you don't mind the racy position, but for anyone your height who wanted bars closer to saddle level it wouldn't work without resorting to ugly stem extenders. I'm 6'7" myself and it wouldn't work for me with that positioning and I can't stand the aesthetic of the stem extenders.

Jim 3 days ago

it's tough for tall women, too

I'm shopping for a bike. I'm not quite as tall as you, but also finding my options limited for similar reasons. I'm looking for a mixte, and there are few options available over 55 cm. A local shop is getting a Clubman mixte soon in a large size. I was already looking forward to my test ride. After your review of the diamond frame Clubman, I'm even more curious to try the mixte version.

Anne more than 2 years ago