February 17, 2012

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While it does take some getting used to the shifting on the Brompton,the biggest con I've found so far is rear wheel removal. After doing it once for practice,I've decided to invest in more puncture resistant tires. In addition to needing tools,you also wind up with parts(shifter linkage,tensioner,washer,nut) laying around(pro tip: put the linkage and washer/nut back on so you don't lose them). And for both wheels unless you have the skinny Kojacks,and they're deflated,you'll need to unbolt the brake cable from the caliper to get the wheel out. Considering how well these bikes fold,it's amazing the Brits can't figure out to mount the tensioner to the frame like a derailleur,and use brake calipers with opening levers. Definitely practice rear wheel swaps before commuting on one of these;rear wheel removal is neither easy nor intuitive.

dynaryder more than 2 years ago