July 22, 2012

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Love my Margo

I've had my Cetma Margo for 1.5 years now, and I love it. I went with a Cetma over an Xtracycle because we're a car-free family, and I wanted to be able to take my son before he was capable of sitting in a normal seat. The Chicco Keyfit 30 infant car seat fit *perfectly* into the Margo; combined with ratchet straps and a Blaq Designs rain cover, we were set for the Seattle winter. He went on his first 50mi ride when he was 4 months old. For a while, the easiest way to get him to sleep was to put him in the Margo and go up a hill (of which there are plenty in Seattle; I recommend a Nuvinci N360 hub to deal with them).

Andres S 359 days ago

CETMA rock

I have the second CETMA to reach the wild, and it still rocks. Lane has made some substantial advances since he made mine, but even my early model kicks butt on other bikes.
I have carried my kids, and a ridiculous assortment of other things over a variety of distances. I used my bike to carry a kid and our stuff on a week-long dirt trail tour. I have carried many 300 pound loads of firewood. I got 300 pounds of decorative gravel for free when I rode the 10km to the rock yard to get it and then filled up the box of my bike. I have had as many as five kids in the box (assorted limbs hanging out) and I have carried several adults as well.
This summer I used it for flood relief transport when all our city roads were blocked with traffic.
I now have a Rohloff hub on mine and my only regret is not putting it on sooner. I also had the frame re-coated this past spring after 4 years of heavy use - it gleams like new again and it is ready to face the salty slush that our winter inflicts on it.
Lane (CETMA owner and builder) has been totally reasonable with any service I have needed - I have broken or worn out a few parts over the years and he has always come through with reasonable repair or replacement.

Doug D 361 days ago

We love our CETMA

I've always loved riding bikes and once upon a time I feared that having children would force me back into a car. The CETMA has freed me from that concern. The CETMA Largo is the perfect minivan substitute for our family. My wife and I have three kids and live in a city. Our Largo efficiently carries two kids and four bags of groceries. It takes us to the zoo, the beach, playgrounds, and to my daughters' schools. It is my dream bike.
Lane Kagay, the person behind CETMA, has been awesome at getting back to me every time I've had a question. I've a more detailed review on my blog:

Todd Consentino 362 days ago


You may have noticed I said I've 3 kids and the Largo carries but 2 of them, efficiently. Well, that's because my third kid is but weeks old and has yet to take a spin in our CETMA, as it's winter here in Boston. I'm sure there'll be room for #3, when she's ready for it.

Todd Consentino 362 days ago

CETMA Cargo Bike

My Wife and I own a CETMA "Margo" and we are really happy with it. Some things we like about the design: 1)The bike can separate into two halves which makes putting it in our hatchback possible. This wouldn't be possible with a Bullitt. I didn't expect to be separating the bike ever, but it really comes in handy for bike camping trips where riding all the way there with a kid is not practical. 2) The design is safer than a Longtail or a regular bike with a kid's seat. The flatbed and box of the CETMA is low to the ground, so if you take a spill, the box will only tip over about 25 degrees. Compare that to a Longtail, which is essentially a normal bike, but longer. If you fell over on on one of those, you and your passenger would be sideways, on the ground. The disc brakes on our bike certainly make the ride safer also.

One other feature which really sold me on the CETMA was the cromoly frame. Since cromoly is far more durable a metal than aluminum, we decided on it instead of the Bullitt(which has an aluminum frame) The steel frame also has a great bump absorbing effect on rough roads or dirt. This benefit is particularly important for our 2 year old, not so much for us, but love the ride quality too.

As far as safety is concerned, the CETMA is nimble, stops on a dime, and if you were to be cut off by a car or SUV, the box and flatbed of the frame would provide extra protection to the passenger.

The box of our Margo is the smaller version that CETMA offers, but we can still fit our daughter and an adult passenger in it comfortably! A kid's bike could be put in the box and bungeed in place.

Clint more than 2 years ago

cargo bikes

hi. I see you also reviewed the bullitt, and own it according to the editorial note. How does the CETMA compare to the bullitt?

For my cargo bike I'm debating between these bikes and a Yuba Mundo. ( some issues I'm debating include: price; the front cargo area of the longbikes seems a tight fit for combining a 4 to 6 yr old plus a weeks worth of groceries for a family, etc.; with the Yuba Mundo I can easily stow/tow a kids bike once little legs get tired, but this seems more difficult with the long bikes; I wonder if the low, front child sitting area puts kids more exposed to cars cutting in front of the bike, or doors opening from parked cars. Any thoughts?)

Thanks. j

jamie more than 2 years ago

cetma review

I pointed the stem backwards to avoid the handlebars hanging over the box and also 'cause I wanted a very upright riding position.

I have a review of the CETMA Largo on my blog @

jeff more than 2 years ago