July 22, 2012


July 22, 2012

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Pioneering the Bullitt Scene in Montreal!

Bullitts are definitely taking its place in Montreal this year and surely will become more and more popular. They are available for rental and purchase at Allo Vélo Boutique Café

Lamar Timmins 251 days ago

Our Bullitt

My Bullitt has become my commuter bike of choice as well as the companies cargo bike.
Phantom hopes to get a second one this summer and have to thank the guys at Alternative transportation for distributing them in Vancouver. It's a great bike it hauls ass and hauls cargo i love the ride and everything about it, As a company vehicle it rules everyone loves riding it.

Mark Huggan more than 1 year ago

Bullitt rocks!

I love this bike. Previously, I tried using a flatbed trailer to haul but didn't like it. Then I tried an Extracycle. That didn't really meet my needs. Then I found the Bullitt. I have been riding it as my daily rider for over a year. I bought it thinking I would use it just for hauling, but it has become my main bike. I switched the handle bar to an albatross and I love the way the bike fits me. Hans at their shop in Copenhagen was great to work with.
As for hauling long items mentioned in the review.. I just strap lumber to the frame.
The bike can haul more weight than my body can peddle down the road!

Apple more than 1 year ago

Bullitt Sydney

I'm a shopfitter tradesman and use a Bullitt to get tools to jobs around Sydney (Australia). Handles really well when loaded up

coops more than 1 year ago

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