May 28, 2010

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Not a Rip off

Just reading some of the posts. I'm new to the whole biking scene. So I checked out viva bikes and they look way more european than globe. Globe is more retro modern....I like the globe geometry better.

Eric more than 4 years ago

Rip off

Hi Guys,

I just saw the new bikes, and must say that the new realease from Globe is beautiful.
But then I also have to say that the color is rip off from the Danish Design VIVA Bikes. It looks like that they have copied that, with color and tires - there's just some small adjustments on some other things.

I really like Globes bikes, but a shame that the colors are a bit late!



The happy bikerider more than 4 years ago

Thanks for the correction

Hi Jessica,
You're absolutely right; I added an extra zero. The right price is listed now.
It was great to meet you and other members of the Globe and Specialized team in SF. I hope to be back for a visit again soon.
All the best,

Sarah more than 4 years ago

Live price correction

Hi Sarah,

Glad you liked the bikes! Just wanted to make a correction regarding the pricing of Live bikes. Though it is a fantastic ride, we do not have any models that warrant a $7,000.00 price tag. The starting price for a Live 1 is $700.00 USD. The higher end model, Live 2, is $1,200.00

Hope that helps!


Jessica more than 4 years ago