January 25, 2011

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just got one

I just bought me a 2013 devinci oslo. very nice, very light weight. I wish i knew how much it weights but i'm guessing it's around 20lbs. it's meant for a nice smooth road, has nice stiffness to it, very quiet and VERY FAST! my goodness i pedal by all kinds of seasoned cyclers. mind you a do weights, but still I meant the bike isn't holding me back. what else, oh yeah I love that it is made in canada which is pretty much why i bought such expensive bicycle. you can tell if your frame has a serial numbers underneath. if it has a sticker "made in xxx" than it's not from canada, it must have stamped serial number like DVxxxxx etc. anyway, yeah, this bike kicks arse!

andrey more than 1 year ago

The Oslo

I have now owned an Oslo for 9 years.
During that time it has done all that I have asked of it.
It has been at any given time a Tourer, a Commuter, and a light truck ;+).
I love it. And it has reciprocated with solid performance and reliability.

Roo D. Roo more than 3 years ago