September 6, 2013

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Amsterdam 8i

I love all the elements of the Amsterdam 8i, the chain & skirt guards, fenders, vintage styling...and am IN LOVE with the pinstriping detail. But as I live in the rainy PNW and on a big hill, I need as many gears as possible. It is ONLY IN WHITE for women, what a bad color choice. That alone caused me to choose the townie21D. Sad for my bike shop and electra, I would have spend 2X the $$ for the Amsterdam. I still dream of the Amsterdam, and if they make the women's 8i in green (like men's) or blue, or any other lovely colors that show off the pinstriping but make it sturdier as a daily bike (not requiring daily cleaning!) I will certainly save my pennies and make it my next purchase!

Darcy more than 1 year ago