July 1, 2010

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Kalkhoff Ebike

The quality and included amenities of my Tasman09 are really nice. I always get nice comments on my bike. My bike worked right out of the box and didn't even need basic servicing for months. Even the parts not manufactured by Kalkhoff are well balanced for quality. Adjustments (fine tuning) for seat and handle bars are easy with the included hex wrenches of nice quality. A wrench for attaching pedals is also a nice plus. Everything from the tools, instructions and recorded serial number made for an easy transition from box to riding my new bike. I now have about 1200 miles and month's of riding behind it. If you are not sure whether an ebike is for you I would say why not? It rides the same as regular bike plus the added power.. For me price and weight was an issue to consider . Once I decided I looked for a quality product and a trustworthy distributor. All things considered I would buy a Kalkhoff again from Greenlight bikes, LLC.
PS I would like to thank Tom for his reply on Woods Valves. He is right about adding air to the tire. But the problem I have is that I haven't found a pressure gauge that will work with a woods except for hand pumps with the gauge attached permanently to pump.

Anonymous more than 2 years ago

woods valves

I have a Tasman that I bought a couple of months ago. I have about three hundred miles on it so far. I am trying to understand the problem with woods valves. They seem really easy to me. Unscrew the cap (just like on a "shrader" valve), put on the "presta" end of your floor pump. Then pump them up. How much easier could it be?

Tom more than 2 years ago

Update for Tasman 09 (4\1\12)

I now have pictures and instructions for the chain guard thanks to Todd and Peter at greenlightbikes. I have to say Todd sold me the bike, and has stood behind the sale just fine. Todd sent me all the information I needed prior to bike delivery. I read the instructions for unpacking the bike so when it arrived I was able to pull it out of the box with the assistance of the delivery man. I was then able to do a cursory inspection before signing for the bike. The bike was packed beautifully and it helped avoid shipment damage. I thought the fender had a minor problem. It turned out it required a very simple adjustment that I made myself. Todd was willing to pay for adjustment or repair. I may have simply caused the fender to become misaligned during the unpacking. Adjusting the handle bar was very simply. They were just about the right height for me, but I carried an allen wrench for further adjustment so I could gradually find that sweet spot of adjustment during my bike rides. I did the same for the seat adjustment. You most likely will just turn the handle bars per instructions and be ready to ride once you attach the pedals.Beware the pedals are not clearly marked for left and right however, if you tighten them per instructions you will have them correct, just try to tighten them by hand at first to see that the threads are turning in the proper direction so you don't strip the threads. I am still evaluating the battery life. I have to let it run down dead and charge it at least one or two more cycles before I will know how well it performs. The one thing I ABSOLUTELY HATE on this bike is the tubes with the WOODS valves. I guarantee you that you will hate them too. Just try to google them and you will get the picture. Don't let this keep you from buying an otherwise quality bike. But decide on having them replaced with the standard US schader valves.

The quality of the bike is outstanding. When is the last time you bought a bicycle, and everything worked just fine? Don't forget this bike traveled to the US from Germany and then across the US to my house. My only fear is in finding a trustworthy bike shop for routine maintenance. The bike is way too nice to let just anybody work on it.

The bike seems to be a perfect fit for me. It rides very nice without power assist much like a regular bike. The only problem you might encounter should your battery run dead on a ride would be climbing up a steep hill. This depends on your physical strength and health. The extra weight of the bike in my opinion is a factor, but not to any great extent.
The power assist is a perfect match for me, but it may not be for you if your peddling is limited due to poor heath or a physical disability. Perhaps it may work for a limited rider if you use it on a reasonably flat road. On a flat surface the motor will carry most of the weight/work load for you, but you still must be able to peddle without harming yourself.

Hope you find this helpful.

Anonymous more than 2 years ago

Tasman 09

I only have 65 miles of use thus far so I will only comment on feedback expected of such limited use: Important - This is a bicycle not a motor bike as you know them. The motor is a big help going up steep hills, but it's only help you will use a fair amount of your own muscle power. Not too important - If you buy a Kalkhoff have them change the inner tubes with standard schrader valves. The woods valves that they come with are a real pain. My local bike shop recommends changing them and this is one time I agree and will spend the money to change them. You might consider this in your initial purchase price, or request they swap out the stock tire tubes for schrader valve tubes. I will not comment on quality because this has to be measured in time. I will say the dealer did a super job on packing the bike for shipment. I hope to revise this comment after I have an initial new bike tune up and clock up more mileage. The bike suites me well because I ride for exercise as well as pleasure. I only use the motor power on very steep hills or for the last few miles of a very hard ride. I'm not crazy about the extra weight of the Tasman, but on the other hand I have a very light Fuji bike that I consider dangerous because of it's light weight. I got hurt real bad on the Fuji, and it seems like it will happen again unless I exercise REAL CAUTION. NOT IMPORTANT BUT ANNOYING - Two things bug me about the Tasman 09. Derby Bikes the manufacturer of Kalkhoff bikes has no on line manual exclusively for the model year 09, and I can't find any information on removing the chain guard. I wish I could give you more feed back, but lets face it, one can't honestly provide quality feed back until you clock up lots of miles, and see if your local bike shop finds fault with the bike.

Anonymous more than 2 years ago

pro connect s

I have had a Kahlhoff since October. Every time I ride the bike I get off with a big smile. I live in the hills. My commute is 2000+ feet of climbing. On the pedelec it is a pleasure not a grind. Grinds are for the weekends. I love my bike!

steve renwick more than 3 years ago

Kalkhoff Electric Bikes

I have to say that as a recent convert to Pedelec bicycles...mine a Kalkhoff like the one reviewed above get out and buy one!
I am routinely cycling ten or 12 miles per day and getting gradually fitter too.
They are great fun and although a little pricey they are so well built it is clear that you will be riding in a decade. Cannot recommend it enough.

Jonathan Mills more than 4 years ago


Why are e-bikes so expensive in the US? I've been riding since I started to go to school and now that I'm in my 50's I would like some help going up these steep Seattle hills. I've seen plenty of people use e-bikes in Japan and I know they are not this expensive. Still cheaper than an electric vehicle such as the Volt or Leaf. I want a bike to run errands not race or tour. This bike looks great!

JNBell more than 4 years ago