April 11, 2013

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Living in New York I have seen the Martone Bicycle. Other than being associated with Lorenzo Martone the former fiancee' of Marc Jacobs I see nothing special in this bicycle. The components are such that belong in a sub $200 bike in mass merchants. The frame
especially the woman's version does not seem structurally sound. The front basket does seem to be solid however not a new innovation and the "red chain" on all the bikes is a terrible gimmick . Overall this bike should retail in a bicycle shop at less than $300 and only after having made some structural changes to the frame and improved components (i.e.: brakes)

Tony Roberts ,

Princeton University 1979
Cooper Union 1975

tony roberts more than 1 year ago

Martone Cycling Company

Interesting article. Having been a bike enthusiast for many years, it is amazing to see where technology has taken the sport and the equipment. This company seems to be on the cutting edge.

Chris Foss more than 1 year ago