July 22, 2012

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Bike Bug Cargo Triccyle - Made in USA

We would like to be included in a review - Cost less than other and better built and easier to transport - can be motorized - www.bikebug.net

Mike Schneider 141 days ago

Two Things

Now that the article is a couple of years old have you considered reviewing a couple more of the more recent developments in the cargo bike department? And secondly the photo of the Christiania bike is taken on Amager Strand(beach) in Copenhagen, Denmark, not Cape Cod as stated. Unless there was a Danish photographer taking photo's of a Danish family on a Danish bike on a beach in the US that looks a lot like the beach 2km from where I live (in Copenhagen)

Angus 233 days ago

Agreed, would like to see an updated version of this

Currently preparing for a move to a more urban and bike friendly area than I've been living in. I'm seriously thinking that a cargo bike would the perfect transport solution for most of my errand running. I'd love to see an update version of this review covering the current cargo bike options.

RDW 233 days ago

I would too!


Elizabeth Rotman 160 days ago


The Triobike is one the safest cargo bikes in the market.

Brendan 234 days ago

Tern / Xtracycle Cargo Joe

You missed the Tern / Xtracycle Cargo Joe. It's lightweight, versatile and fairly inexpensive. I'm loving mine

Brad 365 days ago

Wike is another option

I came across these bikes recently, Wike cargo bikes and trikes. http://www.wicycle.com

Wike's price points are in the $1200-$1700 range and look like great options for people hunting for a good bicycle hauling solution. I'm curious if anyone has any experience with them.

Keith Ippel more than 1 year ago

Trek Transport

I have the Trek Transport and love it. I commute almost every day. I appreciate the roomy cargo bag and the versatility of the cargo "shelves." I doubt that I will ever load it to it's full weight capacity but it does handle well with the loads I carry. I considered a box bike but in the end, this works out better for me. Thanks for this great issue of your magazine.

Bruce Chulka more than 1 year ago

Need a more versatile solution

Cargo bikes are great, but too narrowly focused, like bike trailers. People in cities need a versatile solution for carrying all of their stuff the last 20 blocks home, whether they are walking, biking or taking the metro.

Ken Smith more than 1 year ago

Big Problem With Cargo Bikes here

I see a big problem with the cargo bikes here. They all sell for around 3500 which is about what a friend paid for a latter model Ford F150 in good shape. The chance of getting an economic return on these is about nil. In the bike world your looking at a pretty top end carbon fiber road bike for the same amount.

Paul more than 1 year ago

I agree some cargo bikes are too pricey..

I agree most cargo bikes are too pricey. The cycletruck is an affordable dutch style long john.... it can be viewed at www.cycletrucks.com

john lucas more than 1 year ago

aside from initial purchase there is little cost

sure up front a Bullitt is more expensive than people are normally used to spending on a bike. The idea is this is a replacement for a vehicle or an alternative to your vehicle. therefore, you dont have to put gas in it, you dont have to pay an expensive licensing fee, you dont need to pay for parking, its far cheaper to repair, you will hopefully become healthier and wont have to spend as much on medical care...etc, etc. If the F150 did 15 miles to the gallon and each gallon cost $3.50 you would only be able to drive 15,000 miles for the price of one of the better Bullitt builds. Thats 41 miles a day over a year and you could have saved all the money just spent on gas on top of not buying the truck and ended up with two cargo bikes!

Steve more than 1 year ago

cargo bike biz

If you live in a pro-bike area businesses are paying premium for green solutions like distribution by bike. add direct marketing and advert revenue from the signage you are able to display and you will make up bike cost back in 10 working days.

ike more than 1 year ago


Glaring, glaring omission: where's Worksman Cycles?

The oldest bike manufactuer in the US, still makes them by hand stateside - often for well under $1000 - specializing in cargo haulers. The omission is somewhat confusing for me.

patrick jones more than 1 year ago

Used Nihola Cargobike on EBay

I am selling my 2010 like new Nihola on EBay this week. Please refer anyone you might know who would be interested. Thank you!

John more than 1 year ago

Nicole cargo bike

Hi, do you still have your cargo bike for sale?

Denay more than 1 year ago

What would sell: A cargo bike under $1000

The market is wide open in this category for a cargo bike to retail less than $1000, even if it's cheaper.

IIf you could buy a bike like this at Wal-MArt or Canadian Tire the sales would be tremendous, but many people just can't commit to $3500

Phil more than 1 year ago

Oak Cliff Cargo Bicycles for around $1k

We recently raised our prices on all of our models, but for all but one, they're under $2k, and most are near $1k. oakcliffcargobicycles.com We recycle bicycles and make them into new cargo bicycles. Check us out!

Jonathan Braddick 234 days ago

Why not the Nihola?

Hi there. I enjoyed your article about cargo bikes. We bought a Nihola last November which is a cargo trike. We love it and our two kids do too. Any plans to review this great trike? It's also more stable with three wheels and we had a specialist install an electric motor boost to help us with the hills. Here in Sydney, I find that a lot of men tend to ride the cargo bikes but not many ladies. Plus the Nihola has a lower centre of gravity than the Christiania and doesn't tip as easily. Anyway, just a few thoughts!

Sarah Imm more than 2 years ago

Re: Cape Cod?

Angus, you sound like an angy Kiwi. Or a juicy steak. The names "Dorthe Thure" and "Søren Solkær" are clearly American names. Just like all other names. You can clearly see by the size of the grains of sand, the pattern of the footprints and the blueness of the sky that this is taken in Cape Cod. And are you trying to act smart by using the commie Metric system? You might indeed live close to that beach, but it's 1.2 MILES, if indeed this is where you live.

Haddock more than 2 years ago

Cape Cod?

I am looking forward to your reading your reviews, especially as the owner of two cargo bikes, but your opening photo makes me a little curious. You have a woman riding a Danish bike, her name is quite Danish, the photographer Søren Solkær is Based in Copenhagen, and I live 2km from the beach where I am willing to bet this photo was taken, Amager Strand. So why call it Cape Cod, MA?

Angus more than 2 years ago