February 17, 2012

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I have recently purchased an Evo with LT wheels (16")

Chris more than 1 year ago


Had mine for a year, love it ! One of my favourite possessions and it still brings a smile everyday (and curious passers by). Good review - longer distances are fine, especially if you like the upright 'Dutch' riding position.

Josh more than 2 years ago


Someone ever tried a STRIDA?
It's usefull for short (very short) distance but It's not a bike !! :-)

Patrick more than 2 years ago

Not a Bike?

I disagree. I have a 3.3 Strida as my fourth bike. It has character. I haven't tried it for long distances, my commute is only 15kms return. The seat was too hard (changed it), brakes are magnificent. It is slow compared with my other commuters (specialised/Giant/pedelec) but has its own wonderful charms. I am thinking about purchasing an Evo (but with 16" wheels) shortly.

Chris more than 1 year ago