November 9, 2011

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Pcych bags

And now for something a little different. http://www.pcych.com

Tom more than 2 years ago

A REAL messenger bag

There are 2 types of messenger bags. 1)consumer grade and 20 pro grade. Most, including the one suggested in the above comment, fall into #1. These bags may have nice features and appear durable but they will not last. The stitching tears and the cheap "waterproofing wears. I suppose these bags are fine for a temporary intended use or if you are easy on equipment but the true test is an actual messenger and they will quickly find the weaknesses in these cheaper bags. #2-the good bags are not cheap but are built extemely durable, fit excellent and are waterproof.Using multiple layers of quality fabric and hardware, these bags are usually built in small quantities by small companies. The most popular being Chrome but many others including; PAC, Cocotte, Mer, REload, Push etc. If you get one of these you are investing in a fine bag that will be comfortable, waterproof and last a lifetime plus you support a local company as opposed to cheap lave labour.

Jakob more than 2 years ago

Best Messenger Bag

The Brenta from MEC is the best bag I have found, and it's CHEAP - 52$. and HUGE - 60L

now that is a messenger bag. And if you break it, they'll fix it.


sylvia more than 3 years ago