November 20, 2012

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Bike trailers

I've been an avid bike trailer user for 30 years. Started with a Bike-A-Boose made by a company in Sand Point, ID. My wife and I traveled with our two daughters during their first five years, on month long trips in Ireland, Holland and Guadeloupe . And various trips around the eastern US and Canada. After a 25 yr. hiatus from trailering, I am now back into it pulling my two grandaughters around southern Vermont and Florida. While I'm sure the trailers reviewed here are great trailers, there are more economical alternatives. Bike Nasbar, Walmart and Performance Bike have very serviceable 2 child trailers in the $100 - 200 range. Both the Nasbar and Walmart trailers convert to strollers.

Glenn Lemke more than 2 years ago

Bike-A-Boose Cycle Sulky

Jim Ragland here, inventor of the original Bike-A-Boose trailer in Sandpoint, Idaho. I just ran across your blog. Thanks for starting with one of our Cycle Sulkies. There's a lot of great trailers out there now. We just built an aluminum teardrop for our dogs. It's cool that you are still pulling kids and especially Grandkids. We've been married forty years now and pull most of out seven Grandkids around Sandpoint with one of the original Bike-A-Boose Sulkies.

Jim Ragland 201 days ago