January 11, 2011

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Some more details or alternatives?

Some good advice... having a saddle too low is inefficient but having it too high strains the knee -- perhaps some can help with this? Too low tends to make the back of the knee hurt and too high the front? Yes? Not sure as mine is set right). Also, shoe sole thickness can make a huge change in the right fit, so people need to keep this in mind, for example in winter time when thicker shoes are the norm.

Regarding the chain lube, it is really important to match it with your weather and season. But I have used both household oil and vegetable oil! But also a nice option for an urban ride is a bike with a totally-enclosed chain in a chaincase. This means lubrication needs are minimal. Plus it also prevents the chain from getting your trousers dirty or - much worse - getting caught on your trousers or long dress or skirt.

I think a suggestion for weekly inspection is a little bit overdone. Just learn well what your bike feels like when operating properly and if it changes, it is generally easy to fix if you do it right away, and not the end of the world if you wait a little. Bikes are simple and cycling is safe!

Todd Edelman more than 4 years ago