May 14, 2014

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online vs. in person

Greetings-- please don't ask us to price match. Would you like it if your boss at work asked you to "price-match" the salary of someone in Taiwan or Texas? All shops have expenses, and the betters shops tend to pay higher wages and put more into their staff, the stock, and the local cycling community. If we cut prices to the bone to match some guy with a warehouse, we will have a tough time delivering quality service. Also, even at our crabbiest, we are way more entertaining and accurate than 99.9% of the online shops, many of which are hugely cut and pasted together from other peoples' cycling knowledge. Price matching is at bottom, sort of rude and takes advantage of the very openness and friendliness that makes bike shops different from gigantic chains. Support a less boring world and support your local shops of all kinds. mcget--trophy bikes philly

Michael McGettigan 119 days ago

Price Matching

Many shops will match the price of an online competitor - provided the item is the same make, model and colour and is being shipped from the same country. It's worth asking the next time you're in your local bike shop as this combines great bike shop service and low internet prices!

Rachael 217 days ago

Price Matching Hurts Small Business

Some shops will price match, but the sad thing is it's because they can't afford to lose the sale. Price matching in most cases means the dealer ends up selling the item at their cost or even lose money in some cases. Online retailers have low overhead and can afford to sell things dirt cheap because they buy insane mass quantities or in some cases the good are grey market, meaning they aren't coming through proper channels.

I would work with the shop and see what they are comfortable offering if you ask for a small discount. Most shops these days can't afford it and what happens when they close? You no longer have a local spot to get your bike fixed or a reliable source of info.

RadicalRye 122 days ago