Hand-Painted Belle Helmets

Head-turning hand-painted helmets by Danielle Baskin have a way of changing the ordinary into the extraordinary.

New York City-based illustrator, Danielle Baskin, is the creative force behind the beautiful, hand-painted Belle Helmets. Describing herself as an “enthusiast of wrap-around images, optical illusions, illustration, bicycle safety, colors, bikes as transportation, and science education that you can wear on your head,” Baskin’s helmets are the canvas with which she brings her long list of interests to life.

Each helmet is made to order with precision and an impeccable attention to detail. Hand-painted with acrylic and sealed with UV-protected varnish, each helmet is a wearable work of art that is ready for use as soon as they arrive. Designs range from landscapes with blue skies, lighthouses, and aerial views of earth to details of DNA, kiwi fruit, and honeycomb. Baskin also offers a way for companies to provide a unique branding experience through custom ordered hand-painted helmets.

Using her fine art talents to create these unique helmets, Baskin is changing the relationship people have with often boring everyday objects. These head-turning hand-painted helmets have a way of changing the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Belle Helmets can be ordered online and a 10% discount is available for Citi Bike members.




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