July 6, 2010

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those shoes

Well, I must say that I disagree.

We sell both pedals and shoes at our shop and we saw a bunch of the Keens this summer and folks were having some serious problems with them. The heel cup is just not sturdy enough and folks were finding that when they attempted to twist out of the pedal their foot just turned inside the shoe.

If you are interested in a sandal type SPD shoe let me recommend the Louis Garneau Terra Vent. It has a much more structured heel cup with a tension adjuster on the strap. Makes for amuch better interaction when trying to clip out. And it is significantly less expensive than the Keen as well.

kt misener more than 4 years ago

I will be getting a pair

After seeing that they make these that you can put SPD's on them. I just might have to get a pair. I will be getting some covers for them for the cold days. I have seen about 4 cyclist wearing them and I might just be a 5th. I like the fact if they get to funky you can take them in the shower with you and they dry very quickly. Also a set of neoresporn covers turns them into 4 season shoes.

Alphonso Eusantos more than 4 years ago

the best

The first year that the Keens' came on the scene I bought a pair for my annual mountain bike across Spain. They were the perfect answer for long off road rides to replace hiking shoes. At the end of the day they made a world of difference.
The other great thing about them is daily commuting because they're waterproof. If you got caught in a summer rainstorm, you just stop, take off your socks (I always wear socks) and ride away.

sportmac more than 4 years ago

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