Beginner's Winter Riding Guide

Tips and tricks for riding a bike year round & how to get started
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Discover tricks and tips for winter riding, winter clothing ideas, winter events and more!

2015 Issues

Momentum Mag brings you a fun beginner's guide to winter riding. We've loaded this issue with great winter riding tips, and winter events. Plus, readers share their experiences of riding in the winter with kids. Also inside: yoga postures to eliminate rider's hunch, cozy style, our latest city spotlight, and everything you need to know about dynamo-powered bicycle lights including our 2015 buyers' guide. Plus: Rivendell Bicycle Works, PUBLIC San Francisco, bike advertising history, and our Winter Gear Guide!  

Our Mission

Riding a bicycle is more than just a sport, it's a lifestyle

Our goal is to influence a shift in the transportation culture in North America from car-centricity to a balance of public transportation, appropriate car use, walking and bicycling, by showcasing riding a bike as a fun, smart, stylish and sexy way to get around. Our focus is on urban cycling lifestyle in North America from a global perspective and our positive and solutions-based editorial coverage includes style, urban travel, smart riding solutions, city and people profiles, family riding and gear. Riding a bicycle is fun! Come along with us for the ride.