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Streetfilms features 500 films on a variety of public space topics from bicycling to traffic calming. Streetfilms’ director, Clarence Eckerson Jr., selects five of their best.

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Streetfilms features 500 films on a variety of public space topics from bicycling to traffic calming. To make your introduction to Streetfilms a little easier, we had Streetfilms’ director, Clarence Eckerson Jr., select five of their best – and most important – Streetfilms videos from the past 7 years:

“Intersection Repair”

Published May 2007

When Streetfilms attended the Village Building Convergence in Portland, OR, we immediately saw that this magical repurposing of streets, for the better, by City Repair needed a larger audience.

Click here to watch Intersection Repair

“Ciclovia: Bogotá, Colombia”

Published December 2007

The video that put Streetfilms on the world transportation stage. Viewed more than 250,000 times, it’s been credited with enlightening politicians and accelerating car-free ciclovias throughout the United States and beyond. The following year ten major US cities held their first open streets events including Portland, New York City, and San Francisco.

Click here to watch Ciclovia: Bogotá, Colombia

“Cycling Copenhagen, Through North American Eyes”

Published July 2010

A five-day trip to Copenhagen for the 2010 Velo-city conference resulted in four amazing videos. None were as dramatic as this feature that allowed advocates in North America to voice their thoughts on the bike infrastructure they had experienced.

Click here to watch Cycling Copenhagen, Through North American Eyes

“Moving Beyond the Automobile”

Series Published Spring 2011

This groundbreaking ten-part series explains an eclectic bunch of sometimes-complicated transportation terms including bus rapid transit, congestion pricing, and traffic calming. Over 40 experts in their respective fields talked to us on-camera and nearly 2,500 copies of the DVD have been distributed.

Click here to watch Moving Beyond the Automobile

“Complete Streets: It’s About More than Bike Lanes”

Published May 2011

With NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan under fire by the media about the installation of bike lanes, Streetfilms decided to show the city, and the world, that cyclists, pedestrians, transit riders, and drivers can all benefit from streets with physically protected bike lanes.

Click here to watch Complete Streets: It’s About More than Bike Lanes

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