Subscriptions FAQ

Answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions:

When is my first issue coming?

The first issue of your subscription is the next one that comes out after you subscribe, provided you have subscribed earlier than 3 weeks before the release date of that issue. Subscriptions are shipped directly from our printer all at once, so if you subscribe on July 1st, the July/Aug issue will have already been sent out and your first issue will be Sep/Oct.  If you subscribe after Oct 31st, your first issue will be Spring 2014 (#65), because the Winter Issue runs Nov-March.

What if I want my subscription to start with the current issue?

Unfortunately it costs us too much to mail individual copies directly from our office as part of subscriptions, but you can buy single copies for only $5 or $10 here.

Where is the Jan/Feb issue?

We have decided to roll our two winter issues into one. Momentum Mag is now published 5 times per year. The next issue after #64 (Winter) is #65 (coming in early March).

What happens if I bought a subscription when Momentum published 6 issues a year?

Don't worry! All subscriptions purchased before Oct 31, 2011, will be fulfilled based on the number of issues purchased. So if you purchased a 1-year/ 6-issue subscription, you will still receive 6 issues. They will just arrive over 14 months. The same applies to 2- and 3-year subscriptions.

How do I change my address?

Please email subscriptions(at) with your address change.

How do I renew my subscription?

Please purchase a new subscription here. If it is under the same name as before (check your mailing label!), it will be added to your previous subscription.

Any other questions

Just email Lindsey at subscriptions(at) You can expect a reply within a few days.